Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sorry for not posting for a couple of days, I had a busy Vappu weekend! But now I'm back again, with some photos that I took around our summerhouse last weekend :)
A well eaten tree... Rabbits perhaps?

WHAT? A HELICOPTER??? Our summerhouse is about 30km away from any city but we still see helicopters there quite often... At least more often than in Oulu even if it's considered as a big city in Finland.
An earthquake or what? No, that just happens when the water under the road freezes in the winter and melts during spring... But as a matter of fact, one of the biggest earthquakes of the year was in March near our summerhouse. It was 2 magnitude, and I read somewhere that the earthquake in Japan was 10 million times stronger than that! But well, we actually do have earthquakes in Finland, too..........


  1. Beautiful pictures, they seem so typically Finish to me because of the woods... ( I don't know why but in my head Finland=snow and woods )
    I really should go to Finland at least once in my life!

  2. Thanks!! Hopefully you'll visit Finland some day ;)
    And I don't wonder why you think so, because Finland has a lot of snow and forests :DDD

  3. Thank you for posting lovely picts,Your picts of Finland really intrigue meee :p So beautiful!! And... if I didn't know that around Finland there is also an earthquake eek!

  4. Thanks Sinley♥!! Haha I guess every single country has those small earthquakes ;) Actually I haven't ever felt an earthquake even if there have been a couple of them in Finland..