Sunday, June 5, 2011


I graduated from junior high school yesterday (and my summer holidays began♥)! The closing ceremony was quite short, maybe 1 hour. We went to school 8:45am and the ceremony started around 9 o'clock. At first the principal gave us an usual speech (congratulations, future plans and so on...) and then we were given cake, coffee and tea. After that we got the grants/scholarships or whatever they're called. In Finland the schools give little money/book/item prizes for the students who have worked hard in certain subjects or situations. After that we went to our homeroom classes and got the diplomas... Then I went to the beach and downtown with friends to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays!
I got 4 grants which was really surprising! Well, another student got 4 grants as well but I never thought I'd get so many of them!! This one was a grant from doing well in English lessons... Totally loving that book :D
20€ for having the highest average of the whole class and a memory stick for being the 2nd best of the whole school in the nationwide economics exam.
Diploma for being the 2nd best of the school in the nationwide economics exam... Speaking of which, I heard I got the best grades of the whole school (9th graders) in the nationwide English exam and my best friend was the 2nd best! I'm really happy about that because English is absolutely one of my favorite subjects :D
''Congratulations for doing well in mathematical subjects!''. It was worth 50€! The blue paper was with the grant, it was some kind of advertisement of The University of Oulu, noticing me that the university has programmes for becoming a master of science in engineering, structure area. Well, I'm not sure about my future yet so I didn't throw the paper away ;D
I laughed so hard when I saw this... It's a certificate for participating in the student association activity as a reserve member! I also got a pouch of candies from them. The funny thing is that I went to their meeting only once because I was selected to become a member even if I didn't even want to be one!
My junior high diploma! The average of the theoretical subjects was 10, and I was so happy because I worked REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to get that! During this spring I raised my Finnish and geography grades and I at the moment I don't regret it at all♥
Well, the other subjects, such as textile work and sports, are another subject to talk about... They didn't go as well, the only 10 I got was from optional sports. I got a 8 from compulsory sports, so I'm wondering why the teacher gave me a 10 from optional sports then...? Well, I was really pleased with my textile work results as well, a 8 from textile work is really good to me because I'm so bad at making things with my hands :p From arts, music and cooking I got 9s, so I'm quite pleased with them as well.
And this is how I spent the first day of the summer holidays: sunbathing with my cool España cap (see my nose and neck, the sun was a bit too strong to me)... I know, it looks really stupid but I just love that cap! Guess why I wore it today? Because Rafael Nadal will play against Roger Federer, and it's not a big surprise which one I'm supporting ;)


  1. congratulations on graduation!!
    happy summer vacation is spent:^)v

  2. thanks! i hope so as well, i've been waiting so long for the vacation to come!

  3. Oh my gosh, miten joku pystyykään saamaan noin hyviä arvosanoja joka aineesta! Onneksi olkoon valmistumisesta ♥

  4. Onnittelut valmistumisesta:)