Sunday, June 12, 2011


My fav outfit this summer! The shirt is from Istanbul and it will be introduced later! The top and the shorts are basic ones from H&M, the bag is ooooold (about 1 year) but I haven't used it in the winter because it's a summer bag! Also from H&M, what a surprise.. The shoes are also new, bought in Istanbul as well! Havaianas♥ I almost bought ones in Spain but then I changed my mind (and regretted that!!!!!) so this year I was smarter and bought them when I had a change ;)


  1. hi dear

    please join my giveaway!

  2. Wonderful outfit!
    Comfy, voguish, refreshing!

  3. crt: kiitos!
    Ken: thanks! i'll join it :)
    kinako: thank you so much♥
    Mandy: nice to meet you, and thanks a lot!