Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where's my motivation??

I'm supposed to be doing my homework now, but I just can't concentrate! There's some chemistry stuff to write (more than 10 pages :d) and I've been doing it since 10 in the morning... And now it's 6:30 in the evening!!! Okay, I spent most of the time on the internet, but that's still quite a lot isn't it? There was one really difficult exercise to do, but luckily I managed to do it.
Anyway, here's the shopping post that I promised to make! These things were bought this week. I know, I was supposed not to buy anything before the summer but I really needed some of them. That bag was probably the best purchase, because I really needed a bag that could carry all the schoolbooks. From H&M, only 15,90€ :)

This is from H&M as well. It was a bit expensive, almost 40€, but I really needed a new bathrobe and this was the only one that was cute and warm!
Oh I forgot to tell about my terrible Saturday. The morning was just normal- I woke up around 7 in the morning and did some homework. My plan was like this:
10am Going to the flea market
2pm My aunt's husband's birtday party
4pm My friend's birthday party
.... But it didn't turn out like that at all!!! Here's how the day looked like:
9am Noticing that my wallet is gone, looking for it
9:30am Panic! Where's my wallet???
9:45am Super hyper mega panic... Luckily I found my buscard from the pocket of my coat.
10am Running to the bus stop, went to Tuira to look for my wallet because I had been there a few days ago and that's where I used my wallet before it got lost
11am Found my wallet♥ Thanks to the Lidl salesperson!! From now on, I'll start to buy food from Lidl more often :D
12.30 Went to the flea market, realized that I wouldn't make it in time to the parties so I decided to go shopping instead
5pm Came back home... Exhausted :(
No wonder why I slept so much last night!

H&M, 19,90€. They had only big sizes left, but it doesn't really matter because of the material of the shirt. I really liked how it looked like at the shop, hopefully it'll look the same when I wear it :D

A basic shirt from H&M. It was less than 10€ and I don't have many basic clothes at the moment because I sold them at the flea market so I think this came in need :)

Back detail of the shirt. So it's not 100% basic! Maybe I'll use it with shorts in the summer because now it might be a bit too cold for that type of clothing.

Shirt from Cubus. About 30€. The only size they had was XL, but I had to buy it because the I love the colors! They had other colors with sizes XS, S and M but I didn't like those colors... This is better even if it's too big :)
And jeans, from Cubus as well. They sell jeans for 20€ only, so I had to buy ones. I was considering whether to buy high- or low-waisted jeans, but I ended up buying the ones with low waist. Why? I don't know, high-waisted ones would have been better... Well, maybe next time I'll buy those high-waisted ones then.

Have a nice Sunday night everybody♥ I got some motivation to do my homework now!

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