Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's International Women's Day today! So if you're a woman, congratulations, today's your day;)
(Pic not related, that's a map of Helsinki from 1984...)

Today's been a nice day so far: I left home around 12 to visit the flea market and came back a few hours later with a few bottles of Coke- my best friend will stay here the night! I was supposed to do some schoolwork and other things, but did only the most important. Tomorrow will be a veeeeery busy day then... The only bad thing about today is that I felt a little sick in the morning and decided to skip the skiing part of the day :/ Well, I jogged 40min yesterday, so maybe it's just good to rest a bit.

Have a nice day everyone! Hopefully your day will be as nice as mine, or even better (I'm not sure if that's possible:)

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