Sunday, March 18, 2012

Books, schoolbooks, books

Sorry for being away for so long.. I've had so many things to do, most of the days I've come home around 8pm and been simply too tired to write! I'll try to get some extra energy:)
I borrowed Sofi Oksanen's book Puhdistus from my friend. It has been translated into English and many other languages as well. It was such a sad and gloomy story, I don't recommend reading it... Except if you like such stories.
The second book is Nanao Sakaki's Let's eat stars!. I saw it in the library and wanted to read because I don't read poems that often. I actually liked some of the poems, and the book was short enough to read in 15 mins, that was nice :)
The latter ones are some study things, not much to say because I haven't read them yet.

I got two armchairs into my room, nice to sit there and read! And notice the penguin slippers ;)

Hahahahaha this has to be the best book ever!!!! This book describes the Finns really well, I laughed so much when I read it... One of the funniest things was a joke about how we think Swedes behave (Swedes, close your eyes so you don't see it!!) :
"Why don't the Swedes drink tea?"
"Because the teabags would get stuck in their throats."

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