Monday, March 5, 2012

Ja lissää hiihtelyä:)

Yesterday: XC skiing 1,5h + jogging 40min.. That is the best way to spend a bithday;) Now I'm officially 17...
The jogging part got me a bit surprised tough. Normally my route takes 45 minutes, but this time it took only 40 even if the route was a bit longer than normally! I haven't been doing much sport in the past few months, so the results should be completely opposite. And also, I went jogging after skiing, so of course I should have been slower... This is a mystery indeed :o

Today: Walking 1,5h. My legs felt a bit tired so I decided to take it easy and go walking on the ice instead of skiing. That wasn't a very good idea though.. I was walking there quite far away from any people (actually I saw no people at all!) when I heard a voice of breaking ice. That's normal, so I continued my way a bit... Then the voice got louder and I was able to see the ice breaking around :s Needless to mention that better safe than sorry, I got away from the ice and took a walk in a safer place.

About the pics: See that hole in the ice? Can you guess what it is??:p

The pic with that strange frozen hay is actually a pic with my damaged hair... I forgot to hide my hair inside a hat when skiing, and that's what happened :/

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