Friday, March 2, 2012


My winter vacation- or actually, ski vacation, began! Anyway, I started to clean up all the useless things from my room. Some are rubbish, some will be sold at the flea market. This poor little notebook flew into my trashcan... Why? It's been full since 2010. I find it really hard to throw stuff away as you can see. Bye bye notebook (I'm pretty sure I'll eventually go back to the trashcan and rescue it:)

Treasure no. 2: my cellphone from 2005(?)
Good old times... Bye bye Nokia 6103♥

So that was the rubbish of the day. Besides those ones, I found plenty of stuff to sell at the flea market! Wealth, here I come!! *sarcasm times 252342362345234*

Today's weather: sunny and waaaaaarm (I was outside without a hat and mittens, that's what I call awesome). Well, that's a synonym to perfect ski weather ;) Can't wait!

I'm off to take a little nap now, so exhausted after a long day..
Have a nice weekend everybodyyyy!

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  1. you have still snow there ...(ha ha of course!)
    in Berlin it`s rainy...and yes, the phone is old ^_*