Thursday, March 22, 2012


Found this cute packet from the local post office and decided to send a cute box instead of those white-and-orange packets that the post normally offers :)
And since I begun talking about Marimekko, check this out! Google celebrated spring/fall with Marimekko logos on March 20th. The northern countries saw the spring version with bright colors and the southern ones saw autunum doodles with darker colors. Cute isn't it?

Today's plan: Write an essay for school... That has to be done by tomorrow! I'll give a presentation about the future of the EU. Nice topic, too little time to prepare...
Tomorrow's plan: School, homework, partyyyyy! We'll be celebrating my friend's birthday and teach some Germans to eat mämmi and other Finnish dishes.. :p


  1. Oh Cuuuute!!!!!!!!
    I love marimekko, though a marimekko I only have is an worn-out bag :p

  2. Hehe me too, I love marimekko as well! The patters are so clear and cute:)