Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kiireistä lomailua

Isn't it cute? I gave it to my friend as a souvenir. I came back from Asia almost two months ago but I haven't had a chance to meet that friend before (actually we met a few weeks ago but I forgot the whole souvenir then..). So yesterday, after I came back from downtown, we decided to go ice-skating! Such a nice evening:)

It's March already, time flies... Too many things to do!!
Here is what I did today:
8.00 Woke up, some chatting, my aunt sent me a message asking if I'd like to go to a Chinese restaurant with her and my cousin
9.00 Cross-country skiing♥
10.00 Came back home, resting a bit
12.30 SO HUNGRYYYY! Went to the Chinese restaurant and ate a loooot:)
15.00 Library, studying, got an e-mail from Helsinki <----- This is related to the happy post I posted just a few days ago ;) It's still a secret to you guys!!
18.00 My dad drove me to Kempele (a town nearby) because there's a big (okay, not so big) shopping mall there. Shopping shopping shopping..
19.30 Came back home, sooooo tired!

Cut my hair a bit.. But you can't even see the difference! Sorry!

Tomorrrow's plan:
Visiting the flea market, a loooooot of studying(!!!!!!), hopefully some skiing as well... This doesn't feel like vacation at all, but I don't mind :)


  1. sounds like if you had a busy but a happy day ^_^
    Did you bought something on your shopping tour?
    Make some pics of the flea market, I`m so curious about that.

  2. Yup, I bought some things! I'll make a post of all the things bought during my vacation after a little shopping tour tomorrow:)
    I took some pics there at the flea market as well, they'll be seen here some day!