Monday, March 7, 2011


A photo that I took while skiing... It's the same lake but different place ;)
Anyway, I'm on holiday now so I'm REALLY HAPPY! You know, when spring is coming, people become happier and happier (at least in Finland!) and I really feel like that too! Two days ago when I was skiing there were so many old people who smiled at me and that made me even happier! Why? I don't know! But somehow it made me to decide that I want to live a ''full'' life: do all the things I want and make the others happy as well! And I decided to start to practice: Next year I want to ski 33km in ''Tervahiihto'' and/or run 10km in ''Tervahölkkä'' (for foreigners: they're sport competitions in Oulu)! I won't do them this year because I must concentrate in studying and I'm not good enough at them yet... But next year, here I come!

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