Monday, March 28, 2011

What's on my mind?

I read about it and got interested but thought that my parents would never allow me to go because the race is held in Enontekiö- 500km away from Oulu! But when my dad heard about it he said it's possible to go there!!!! WOW! The competition is held on 2nd of April 2011 but I don't go this year: I'm still too young... But next year I have just turned 17 so I can go! I'm not going to do that 90km race though, 30km is my goal :D


  1. Nice blog Kata!
    You did nice on the colours.
    Is it me or have you just changed the design?
    And may I ask wat kind of race it is?

  2. Thanks a lot! :)
    Yeah, I have been changing the design quite a many times now... I got bored of the old one and had some problems with the new one so I changed it again and again..
    It's a cross-country ski race held in the tundra of northern Finland and Norway! There are 90km competition race and 60 and 30km advencture races available and everybody who crosses the finish line gets a medal :)

  3. Hi now I can post a comment :p haha *g*I was surprised at the Japanese old woman's story!!!Last winter I practiced Nordic skiing at ski camp. I climbed up a gentle slope less than 1km,and it was enough for me to get sweat and fed up with it!!!!:p So 30km is still unbelievable and shocking! ;)

  4. Wtf I haven't even put on ski's in my life and you're planning to do a ski race of 30 km xD Well, I'm sure you can do it next year :')

  5. Sinley: Yeah, it's awesome isn't it! She's a real superwoman!
    Thanks, I really hope I can do it! Too bad I'm so stubborn, already having daydreams of a 60km race :D

    Sannie: You must try skiing sometime, I bet you'd like it! Or maybe not, I'm probably the only person ever who seems to enjoy it, all my classmates hate cross-country skiing ;)