Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I got some magnets, pouch and a card from The Netherlands!! Cute aren't they?
By the way, the Marimekko bowl behind the card is kinda new too, my mom got it as a birthday gift :)

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  1. They are very cute!!! x)

    I love marimekko too!! :) In my room there's marimekko fablic :) To tell the truth I wanted marimekko curtain,but as it was too expensive,I'm satisfied with the second best.

    Believe it or not I've been really interested in Finland, long before I came to know you!! Moomin,Marimekko,Santa Clause,Forests, Snow,Kind people....I have only positive images for Finland *g* Though Finland is less famous than Paris,UK, Germany etc, the country I want to go most is Finland actually :p

    have a sweet dream! x Sinley