Friday, March 11, 2011


Today is a very sad day indeed..
I don't want to count how many worried emails I have sent today!!
Take care everybody!

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  1. thank you for taking care of me!(;ω;)

    I'm all right.My family and friends are all right!Up to now I haven't heard of my friends'/family's friend/family 's bad news.But tears are blurring my eyes...The TV news is nothing but horrible. So catastrophic. I can hardly believe they are not CG animation.It's like watching a fiction movie. People outside Japan say "All I can do now is pray for people affected by the earthquake" but so do I! My area was safe and I did't feel any shake. All I can do is pray for people suffering from such disaster x(

    The latest news are always terrific.Like...200 to 300 body were tossed onto the beach,fire overwhelms centre of a city,fire creeps over an isolated village (about 800 people are there),radiation may leak, blah blah blah...the death toll jumped from 6 or so at first to "more than 300"... Literally like a hell x( Feeling of powerlessness distresses us who are safe and haven't felt shake at all...