Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pää täynnä tyhjää.. tai sitten ei!

At first I must I must announce something very important:
How am I supposed to study for my English exam (or write new blog posts..) when I must use some other dictionary!
Well, today I have lots of things to talk about, mainly because I have a fever and I'm supposed to study bored!
I have some new plans concerning cross-country skiing (what a surprise... I also noticed that I must make a new label of ''cross-country skiing'', because othervise there will be 1234235346456 posts about it under the ''sports'' label!). The bad thing is that I can't share those news yet, maybe after a couple of years or more... But well, I also have some news that I can tell, or maybe show, because a picture tells more than a thousand words!
Oops, I forgot to mention about the photo... Soy milk tastes surprisingly good! But it seems that nobody else likes it ^^'
I bought some clothes (bikinis for the summmeeeer!!! A bit early, there is still snow outside...) from H&M and got a gift card of 10€ :) 
I think I had something more to say but I forgot it, that happens very often when I have a fever... Well, now I must continue studying English, social studies and maths so have a lovely day everybody♥

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