Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Korviksia ja tyhymiä lippulappuja

Earrings from my Brazilian friend! I haven't had a change to wear them before but a couple of days ago it was about 0C in the morning so i put them on... Which was a bad idea because when I arrived to school my ears were completely frozen :(

I got that paper a long time ago but I have some troubles with it! I must decide what subjects I'll study more in high school- so actually I must also decide which subjects I'll write in the matriculation exam... There are YEARS before that exam, how can I decide those things now?? Anyway, as I have had a dream of becoming a medical doctor for a long time, I decided to take many courses in long matematics, physics, chemistry and biology! And Finnish, English and Swedish of course! The minimum of courses is 75, but when I count the amount of my courses I got about 100.... So my high school will be very busy if I want to graduate in 3 years!

BTW, some people have probably noticed that I changed my blog's template AGAIN! There were some problems with comment system things, so hopefully they got fixed now :)


  1. Wow you have the same dream with me :D I didn't know that!!! :D

    I don't know much about the Finnish high school system...what is "75" and "100"? Is it about your score? or...classes in total?? Is it usual to spend more than 3 years at high school :O???

  2. Yeah! We're gonna be the best doctors everrrrr ;)

    Actually I'm not completely sure about that, but as far I know, Finnish high school students have 5 periods in a year, and we choose different courses for each period. 1 course means that you study a subject, like chemistry, for 1 period (about 2 months), 2-5 times per week, depending on how long the lessons are (45-90min)... And in 3 years you have to pass 75 courses to get the diploma. There are both compulsory and voluntary courses, but if you need to write some subject in the matriculation exam, you'd better take voluntary courses too.. Wow, that became a bit messy, I hope you understood at least something! And about that 3 year thing: We can spend 2-4 years in high school, depending on what courses we take and what subjects we write in the matriculation exams :)