Saturday, March 5, 2011


I love singing but I'm so bad at it.. So I just drank some tea and ate cakes while the others (who were good at singing) sang :)

By the way, I finally changed my blog's template! What do you think about it?

AND!! My winter vacation started yesterday... I made a goal for myself: I will cross-country ski for 30km during my vacation! So today I'll ski the first 3km!

   Andandand... I'm officially 16 now! It feels so strange ;)

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  1. Wow you love singing,how lovely! :) It's not important whether you are good at it or not,as long as you love it!!:p I wonder...did you live in Japan? :O

    Template - cool :)

    In Finland you enjoy winter vacation?? In Japan we enjoy spring vacation :) Interesting. I am a member of ski club so I am going to entry the competition of Nordic ski,as well as another events!!!!(I guess nordic ski almost equals with cross country ski...?)I am awfully bad at it (and hate it!),though!