Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ruokaa Istanbulissa

This is what we ate at Helsinki-Vantaa airport while waiting for the flight: my dad ate rye bread with salad, cheese and meat and I ate a salmon sandwitch. It was really delicious!

The meal that we were given in the airplane. Kidney beans marinated in olive oil/Zeytinyağlı Barbunya  (at right) was really good even if I thought it wouldn't taste good at first because I hadn't ever eaten beans before! Kinda crazy isn't it? I've managed to avoid them for over 16 years......... And now I'm curious about the recipe!
Herbed sautéed chicken, ratatouille, rice/Baharatli Tavuk Sote, Sebze Türlüsü, Sade Pilav (down, covered... Sorry, forgot to take the cover off).
Almond cake/Bademli Kek (at left)
+ bread, tea, coffee, soft drinks, butter, jam, cookies etc were served as well!
This was definitely the best meal that I've been given in an airplane. I'd recommend Turkish Airlines to everybody who plans to travel Turkey :)

And finally in Turkey! We were so tired that we just bought some junk food. We bought two Snickers bars (to my dad, he didn't feel like eating anything ''exotic''), some cookies and that yellow, cake like thing. It was surprisingly good! The free nuts given in the airplane are pictured as well :D


  1. Hi! Happy time was spent:)
    It seems to be very delicious♡

  2. Yeah, the time in Istanbul was really awesome and the food was delicious♥