Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Something I found while cleaning my room: old Mother's Day cards... Why are they in MY room?? I made those cards when I was 5 or 6 i think, and even wrote ''to mother'' into them!

THE LEGEND♥♥♥♥ My pencil case from kindergarten! The text in it says ''OOGA-CHAKA, the dancing baby''.... Just write that into YouTube and you'll see the scariest video ever, if we don't count ''the brain movie'' (I just can't remember its real name......) :D

My diary! The coolest diary ever... Put all my old stickers into it so I wouldn't have to throw them away *cough*

Some pages from my diary... Yeah, I never write to it.


  1. "AIDILLE"! hyvin söpö!
    rakastan sinun päiväkirjaa:)