Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pari viime viikkoa kuvina

Just gonna post some random pics this time! I'm just reading that book, Mika Waltari's The Roman. The book has like a million pages, so it takes a long time to finish!! But Waltari's writing style is so awesome that I'll keep reading ;)

I don't feel like writing a lot today- I spent the whole day in downtown so I'm really tired!! I also brought some old clothes to a flea market, hopefully somebody buys them... To Finnish readers, Alppis Store, pöytä 186!

A gift that I made to my mum for her birthday. Actually I painted it at school, but it waited in my room for a while because I didn't know what to do with it... But my mom liked it so I'm really glad!

Flowers! The weather hasn't been really warm lately, about 14-19C... Well, maybe we'll get a couple of 30C days before winter♥

Post from Brazil! There was a Donald Duck magazine, movie, some coins, postcards and a letter there! I'll write about the movie when I have watched it, and postcards will be shown when my door is ready (that'll take forever!!!). In case I haven't told about it yet, I'm covering my doors with postcards....

I used to hate that thing (yoghurt? noooo...), but now I kinda like it... HOW POINTLESS WAS THAT? Well, at least you wasted 10 seconds of your life reading my blog about a weird, yoghurt-like thing that I used to hate...

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