Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, I really don't know and I really don't care

Thinking about the title? It's from The Smiths - Hand in glove! The Smiths is one of those bands I can listen to over and over again, I even have their CD. I don't buy CDs very often because I get tired of bands very easily...

An outfit from those lovely +30C days!
Today will be my 7th work day (evening shift, 15-21....), so I have only 3 work days left♥ Yesterday was a super busy day, I was almost late from work in the morning, the whole day was really busy so I didn't even have a change to have a 10min break! And straight after work I went for a meet-up in Tivoli, but I had to leave early because of tennis! When I came back home I felt myself so dead and slept even more than normally! Luckily the work starts so late today, otherwise I would have overslept ;)

I tried not to use mascara at all, but it looked so strange I had to apply some later! I also have false lashes but I can't use them at work because strong make-up/lots of accessory isn't allowed there. That's the reason why I haven't taken a lot of outfit pics lately- I have to wear simple clothes, a white tee & black pants there so I don't even bother to take a pic of them.


  1. Kaunis olet ilman meikkiäkin ♥

  2. Oh, I watch this kind of calender of the first photo very often... ;p