Friday, June 3, 2011

Istanbul, osa 3(?)

The view from our hotel room was absolutely beautiful. Well, the price of the room was only 183€/4 nights/2 people and it included a breakfast so it wasn't so bad...

And as you can see, the hotel's name was Emek Hotel. Guessing why the text in the key says ''Emek Otel''? Because otel means hotel in Turkish (just checked it from a dictionary...;). I actually liked the hotel a lot, so much that I'd recommend it. For budget travelers, though :D

The walls were kinda beautiful in my opinion, the pattern was colorful but not too colorful!

We took a walk around the hotel before breakfast. The streets were messy because they were building all kinds of new things around, such as shops and hotels :)

What a scary cat! Hopefully I didn't disturb him too much :(