Thursday, June 9, 2011


I got that a long time ago but forgot to introduce it! I got it from a Korean friend (thanks!), and the brand is The Face Shop. The smell of the cream is a bit strange but the cream itself is very good, I'd recommend ;)

The outfit that I wore on my aunt's birthday. I think I've introduced the other items already but the dress is new to you. I bought it in Spain and it was kinda cheap, maybe 15-20€. Can't remember the brand though, maybe Blanco... Or Stradivarius... Or Zara? I really can't remember!
EDIT// I checked it, the brand really is Blanco!


Maybe some of you have noticed that I haven't posted as much as I normally post, that's because of the summer vacation of course! I have loooots of photos waiting but I have no time!! I started my job yesterday, it was nice but the weather wasn't... Okay, the weather would have been nice if I was on the beach or something, but imagine +28C (!!!) in the shade. AND I had to work in the kitchen which was very hot AAAAND run the stairs all the time! It was really really really hard, especially when the restaurant was full of people. But something very funny happened as well, I had to speak Swedish there for a while! I have NEVER spoken Swedish to anybody in Oulu, because only 0,2% of Oulu's population have Swedish as their mother tongue... But of course, on my first work day, they came to our restaurant! I noticed that they're Swedish so when I was taking their plates away I said ''Har du ätit?'' and ''Tack så mycket'', and they thought it was wonderful and said something about a Swedish-speaking girl(?)... It was funny indeed :D

As you can see, the weather was wonderful on my graduation day... Until it started to rain!
But speaking of yesterday again, this is how the day went:
6:00 I woke up... I'm not able to change this habit!
8:30 Started cycling to my workplace, slowly as always :p
9:00 Arrived to the place which was still closed, waiting waiting waiting...
9:30-16:30 WOOOORK!
17:00 went to eat falafels & bread in a restaurant
17:30 Visited in a bank(+shopping)
18:00 Ate some strawberries........ SUMMER♥
19:00 More shopping
20:00 Finally at home!
What a busy day...

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