Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Does somebody still remember the hair dye that introduced a few weeks (or something like that) ago? I dyed my hair with it yesterday!! Just the roots though, because if i dyed the other parts, they'd turn black.. In the picture above, my hair looks quite normal, but actually there are 3 different colors in it!! The roots are red, the mid-length part is almost black and the tips are brown.So it's obvious that I can't call this a success :( Well, maybe I'll succeed next time...

We'll drive to Keuruu in central Finland today, how nice is that?? I love sitting in the car and listening to music :)


  1. Your hair is really pretty!
    And I love your socks!
    I also gave you the Liebster Blog Award!

    Here :

    1. Thanks, Josephine! I'll complete the award as soon as I can, but it'll take a while because I have some busy weeks ahead :)