Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laiska lauantai(ko)

"I'm just gonna relax today!!" Just after thinking that I noticed I've plenty of stuff to do :s
1. I should send some mail to my new school because I'd like to make some course choices... Normally, the school decides the courses for 1st year students, but I'm a 2nd year student (even if officially a 1st year student) and I don't want to repeat some courses. I also got the acception letter from the school yesterday, with the score of the entrance exam! I thought I didn't do that well in the exam, because I didn't have time to prepare for it (okay, I glanced through a grammar book while on airplane to Helsinki), but my score was 9,8/10! I literally danced around the house after that :D

2. I need to send 234645247345345 letters... I didn't have time to reply my friends while at school, so for the past few weeks, I've been writing and writing.

3. I need to pack my stuff for the trip! School books (pictured above), clothes, camera etc... Would be terrible if I forgot something! I also visit Helsinki on my trip, because I must give the final report of my junior high school to my new school. The final report should not be folded or wrinkled, so I must be careful :s

4. I should see my friends. Should is a bit bad word for this situation though.. "I want to see my friends" would be better! I won't see them for over a month, and one of my friends will study abroad in the USA this year so I want to see her before she leaves!!

5. I should return my books to the library and some other little stuff.

6. I should go shopping!! I need to buy some stuff before I leave... Such as summer clothes!

Oh... I guess this won't be a lazy Saturday after all :(

(The pic below: my favorite view in my room)

This is what I found during a shopping trip about a week ago. Nothing much... I wanted to find some nice and summery stuff, but nooooo :( The jeans are high-waisted ones from Cubus, 39,90€, and the loose shirt is from Lindex, 19,90€.


  1. Cool blog! I like the photography :-)