Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shoppailureissu postitoimistoon..........

A while ago, I went to the central post office of Oulu to buy some stuff (a shopping trip or what..?). Of course there's a post office close to my home as well, but the staff there isn't that professional. Most of the time, the staff doesn't know how to send letters/parcels abroad, and I need to give them advice... Or sometimes they don't even read what's written on the packet, and put wrong stamps into it!! So this time I decided to go to the central post office. I really like going there, because the staff is friendly and professional... I was at the cashier when the salesperson said "There is some sale stuff over there, big boxes only 1€/piece" (the normal price is 2-3€)... So I ended up buying many packets.. And as I bought stamps also, the salesperson gave me about 40 priority stickers!

Below: I found this paper while looking through my bookcase.. How to wish happy holidays in Japanese!

I got a gift from my friend in Japan! Thank you Aoi!! It'll take forever to eat all the candy haha :)


  1. It a pity about your post office! They shouldn`t work for that job if they don`t have any idea how to do must be irritating, I`m sorry for that,. The giftparcel is so nice from your friend! Enjoy my dear!

    1. Yup! Luckily I already know how to send those, so I can give them advice.. But when I was younger and didn't know about that, my letters probably went nowhere -.-
      Hehe thanks♥!