Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chinese food nomnom

I ate this several weeks ago but forgot to post the picture... Wondering why the salad is pictured at the front? Because it's the best part of the whole thing!! I never eat those red things though (peppers?) because they're too spicy :x Of course, the meat is good as well, but it's really stodgy!!
I was supposed to do something today, but I forgot what it was!! This always happens when I'm on holidays... So far I've just been browsing some websites to find cheap flight tickets and crying because it's so cold and wet outside :(
I have always wanted to visit Bermuda, and I found tickets for just a bit over 800€, which is really really really cheap compared to that flights inside Europe can be about the same price! Too bad the accomodation is way too expensive (the cheapest I found was around 80€/night), and most of the hotels don't accept customers who are younger than 18! That's just stupid :s

PS. Even if I always used to say "I'll never go back to my natural hair color!!" after dying my hair for the first time, I have came to another thoughts... It would be so much easier to have my own color, and I even found out that it could be called "strawberry blonde" instead of "orange", how I used to call it back then... But I'm still not sure whether to dye my hair back to light tones or continue with brown. I should think about it....


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  2. Omg, food looks so good right now!
    I'm so super starving~!! >U<