Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Olen lomalla, en tee mitää ä ää ä n

My granny visited us today, and she was holding that small paper bag in which I gave her a birthday present.
"The scarf didn't really suit me, so I'll give it back."
"You didn't like it??"
The bag was full of homemade bread!!! 

Apart from watching football, I've been jumping on our trampoline lately.. And sleeping. And reading.. This is what real holidays consists of: no stress, just all the nice things! I'm getting a bit bored though, even if on  most days I've had something "important" to do as well, like sorting out some school stuff etc. Too bad the weather hasn't been good at weekends, so we haven't had a chance to visit our summerhouse yet :s But next weekend we might visit a zoo though, because there's a polar bear cub and I want to see it...

This zoo was a bit different to a zoo in Finland. No polar bears, no snow... 

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