Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I began my studies at a summer high school yesterday... The lessons are 8.15-16.45 every day except the weekend of course. So I have to study a loooooot now :/ Luckily I'll get to see my friend during the weekend (which means I'll have a trip to Helsinki again:)

Yesterday I went to my new school to give them my final report from junior high and confirm that I'll study there from August. Now I just need to choose the courses I'll attend 2012-2013... It's difficult! Just look at that paper and you'll see what I mean!

I put some glitter nail polish for my nails! It was cute as long as it lasted... The nail of my right little finger got broken yesterday on my way to the summer high school place. I don't know what happened because it didn't hurt at all, but today I noticed that there was a deep cut in my nail :( Bye bye, "long" nails...

PSSST! I just noticed that I've 50 followers now!♥ I thought it would be like 46 or something... Where did all the new followers come from? Hmm... Anyway, my secret goal was to get 50 followers before Christmas.  What could be my next secret (not so secret anymore) goal?