Sunday, June 3, 2012

A rainy day in Helsinki

I left Oulu around the midnight and arrived to helsinki before 9 in the morning. The train wasn't full so I got two seats and slept almost the whole journey. When I arrived in Helsinki, it was raining like crazy so I ran to Sokos to buy an umbrella. Too bad it stopped raining just after that...
After walking around at Sokos, I wanted to visit the Kluuvi shopping centre. I couldn't remember the exact location of the shopping centre, so I just started walking :D

... And walking

And found the right place about 20 min later! I wanted to visit the shops IVANAhelsinki and Minna Parikka, but I couldn't find the former and the latter had no nice shoes at all... So I bought nothing :s
After that I headed to the shopping centres Forum and Kamppi which are pretty close to each other, but I bought just one item- a bag from Mango.
 It was around 3pm then, so I decided to go to the shopping mall Itäkeskus by metro. I didn't find a lot to buy there either, just a skirt from Mango (did I already mention that I love Mango???)
My main purpose was to find shoes, but I didn't succeed in that. I didn't see many nice shoes around even if I visited a lot of shops, and the shoes I tried weren't good. It happened very often that I tried a size 37 at first, and it was too big so I tried 36 which was too small... Or the shop didn't even have size 36 so I couldn't even try it on :s

The sun shined for a while when I went back to central Helsinki. But the wind was really cold!! For a while I thought of just sitting at a cafe before the train would depart (it was around 5pm, and the train would depart at 6:30pm), but I came into another thoughts and went to look for the shop Zara even if I had no idea where it would be... I just looked for people carrying Zara bags and eventually found the shop. I tried on some party dresses and finally got one for about 50€, not bad at all... I'll introduce it later with some pictures:)

If you look closely, you can see the shop Zara in this picture. Stockmann is on the right side, I visited that as well to see the Finnish design section. I was looking for a particular Marimekko skirt, but I couldn't find it. Luckily, when I got back home, I got a voucher to the Marimekko stores in Oulu! 15% off, not bad at all!!!:)

Hopefully you all had as nice weekend as I had, or even nicer if it's possible ;)


  1. seems like a lucky shopping trip ^_^
    thanks for this post, on that way I can visit the town with you!!!

    1. The only unlucky thing was that I couldn't find shoes.. But otherwise it was very nice!!:) Thanks for the comment!