Tuesday, June 12, 2012


(photo NOT related;) It was taken in Spain on 2010... I really want to go to beach now!)

The weekend: Hanging out with friends, watching movies, hanging out with friends, watching movies... It was nice to see some junior high school classmates again:)
Monday: Sunbathing! My Great Tanning Plan doesn't seem to work though, because my skin has just burned so far... I also arranged some stuff about that summer high school thingy, and in the evening I went to the city centre with my friend. And watched football! FRA-ENG and UKR-SWE...
Today: Shopping, I really need to buy some stuff before my trip!

So, after a week or so, I'll go to Keuruu in central Finland to celebrate midsummer. We hire a small cottage there, and I'll volunteer at a midsummer event held just a few kms away from there. I guess I'll get to work at a cafe or something :) Below you can see a picture which I took in 2009 in Keuruu.
After staying a few days in Keuruu, I'll go to Helsinki, stay one night there and continue my way to the summer high school which is quite close to Helsinki... In Espoo I think. And I'll stay there for a month, except one weekend that I'll get free... So I'm planning to have another shopping trip in Helsinki ;)

PS. New blog design, any opinions?:)


  1. nice blog design ^_^
    blogspot is weird, I missed you latest posts...this sucks.
    I have to go on your blog by myself...the subscribe doesn`t work :(
    seem to be finally warm in finnland!!!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
      That happens to me as well.. What's wrong with Blogspot again...? :s