Sunday, August 7, 2011

Epälaiskan päivän asu

This is a very rare photo, be glad to see it... Me without fringe! Since I got my fringe (7th or 8th grade), I've always had it when I go away from home! I bet you wonder why. Because when you have a fringe, it looks really strange if you try to ''hide'' it! Well, at least it's my opinion... Anyway, the reason why I don't have it in this picture is that I was going to the swimming hall and didn't want to wash my hair at home because I'd have to wash it there of course! I think it turned out quite well, even if I still hate leaving the house ''without'' my fringe :p

Aaand the outfit! Basic as always ♥
Hoodie, H&M, 19,95€
Shirt, from Turkey, Olé NOSTALGIA, can't remember the price
Shorts, H&M, 19,95€
Flip-flops, Havaianas (♥), can't remember the price
Plastic bag, from Ataturk Airport, Turkey! Maybe some of you have noticed that I always seem to have a plastic bag with me... I have a huge collection of plastic bags from foreign countries (Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Japan, Spain and Turkey so far), and I can't throw them away so I try to use them as much as I can. And finally, when the bag is really dirty/broken, I can throw it away... Maybe.
Luckily you can't see it in the photo, but I hit my toe somewhere when I was in Turkey, and my toenail is still blue/black!!!! It looks so horrible :<

Some bluebells (actually it's not exactly a bluebell, it's a Campanula rapunculoides, thanks to Wikipedia) in our yard! It's supposed to be summer now, but when I woke up in the morning it was only 10C ! ! ! Well, school starts on Thursday so autunum is allowed to come. Because I cannot enjoy the summer at school ayway ;)

And by the way, guess what I'll do tomorrow! Actually I've two things to do: I go to a Red Cross meeting (more about that later) and shopping! I REALLY REALLY REALLY need new shoes...