Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eka koulupäivä ilman kuvia

Today was the first school day and of course I don't have pics about it (except the pics about my outfit, I'll post them later) so I decided just to post some photos that were taken in the summer so that you can watch at least some kind of photos as well.
This photo was taken when my Korean friend was visiting us. I prepared that breakfast all by myself, soooo proud ;)

Sámi language in IKEA! Of course I had to take a pic about it...

Well, today was a surprisingly long day, I had to stay at school till 3-4pm!!! Normally the first days are very short, like last year, when we had only 10 minutes of school... Well, that's probably how upper secondary school is! :< We got so much paper, like timetables and study guides etc. Luckily that part didn't last too long (9.30-11.30am), and then the funny part started! We were divided in groups of 9 people and we had to walk around the school & university area, which is next to our school as well and play little games, such as quizzes. Each class had 3 teams (mine was team number 2) and the best class got prizes! And guess which class won??? MY CLASS♥ We got small bars of chocolate as a reward ;)

I ♥ those IKEA lamps!!!! Too bad it'd look terrible in my room :(

Tomorrow I must go to school at 8.15 in the morning, and the whole day will we filled with information about studying in upper sec. school (it means basically the same as high school, but somebody has decided to call it upper secondary school here). The ''real'' lessons start on Monday, and the first lesson is maths of course!!!! I always seem to have math on the first lesson on Mondays...



  1. i like Ikea stuff.Shopping there is never boring for me.
    Well,good luck for your class and school.!..:D

  2. thanks! and yeah, ikea is never boring :D