Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoppailua piiitkästä aikaa

HEYHEYY! How have you been?
I've been busy as always, but now I have some free time since I had a math test today. I know it sounds a biiiiiiit strange but I have a reason for that! A normal math lesson = a lot of homework, but a math test = no homework at all♥♥♥ GREAT!! I know the pics are really boring, but school fills my life nowadays so I have nothing else to write about... In the first pic you can see my books for the next 2 months, and after that I need to buy new ones! How crazy is that? But I've noticed that brand new books keep my studying motivation higher than those really old ones we had to use in junior high :)
Please don't mind my terrible handwriting in the 2nd pic!!!! Seriously, I can't even read my own handwriting, so all the notes I write are useless.....

And finally something less boring. At least I hope so! It's the outfit that I had when our class photo was taken :)
Shirt: H&M, about 20€
Pants: H&M, about 20€
Belt: from Turkey, can't remember the price
Shoes: I can't remember the brand nor the price, sorry... But I've introduced them in the blog before, maybe somebody remembers them ;)


  1. I don't find the handwriting so awful ! I even find it nice !
    I wish you a good motivation for the next school months :)

  2. you must be kidding me- it really is that awful! maybe the numbers don't seem so messy, but the "real" writing looks horrible !
    thanks :)

  3. That's true there are not so much letters in the picture, so I change my comment for now : the numbers look great !! :D