Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is not a schoooooool post!

Finally! This post will be about my camera, I don't know if it's interesting but at least I find it riveting so I decided to write about it! I know the pic above is boooooring but I chose it because it's related to my camera. I mean that I took it in the way from the camera shop to home. And nope, I didn't buy a new camera, but broke my old one!!!! It's not badly broken, but the error makes it a bit more complicated to take pics. Luckily my mom promised that I'll get a new one for Christmas, so I already started to look for a new one! I only need the body, and it has to be a Canon because I have a Canon 18-55 lens already. Tips about macro and other lenses would be appreciated as well, because I might get a new lens as well :D

This one was taken at the Venetial festival! I've celebrated it in my best friend's summerhouse for 3 years now, it's such a nice tradition :)
I got this sudden "I♥♥♥PHOTOGRAPHYYY" thing from school, what a surprise... Just heard that next year I can choose some classes of photography there, so I need to practice my skills!
And in case somebody is interested in seeing a summary of the pics I have taken with my not so lovely 1000D, check out my Facebook, I added some new (and old) pics there about a week ago!

AND PSSSST! Check out this website: Obsidian2010
Those photos of the sky are absolutely beautiful!! I bought an English photography magazine and saw his picture there as well, what a coincidence !


  1. the beautiful sky!
    please take a lot of wonderful photographs with a new camera, and show it :)