Friday, August 5, 2011

Paketti Englannista ja shoppailun tuotoksia

A biiiig thank you to my English relative!

And recent gets! FOCUS magazine because I was really bored and needed something to read. Maybe you can't see it, but there's also Lumene eyebrow control brush, which was a good purchase indeed! And a basic hoodie + cardigan from H&M. Maybe you've noticed that I don't write about clothes & shopping as much as I used to. The reason is that I'm saving money for *TOP SECRET*. Maybe I'll tell it in... 3 years or so. And, in addition to that, I'm not as materialistic as before (or at least I hope so!). I've sold a lot stuff in the local flea market, even some things I actually like but don't need anymore. So, the subject of my blog has changed and will change a lot ;)

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