Saturday, August 13, 2011

Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man

The title is a quote by William Penn. Wondering why I chose it? Because the pic above is a little treasure of knowledge: A Swedish-Finnish wordbook from 1949!! My dad bought it when he was in elementary school, and we still have it :)

Today... I need to buy booooooks! I got so much paper from school that it's hard to find the right ones when I need to check something. I also have some plans considering my future, so I'll meet the student counselor on Tuesday! Hopefully everything will be alright :)

PS. I CAN'T ANSWER COMMENTS IN MY BLOG!! (I can send comments to other people's blogs except a couple of my followers' blogs, strange isn't it?)

1 comment:

  1. your father must be a sophisticated man,and you must have been a clever child!!! :)

    and about the comment thing... I also had problem leaving a comment, and found that I can leave it when I log in without checking "stay logging in" box,lays under your username & password.How about trying it??