Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seoul 31/12/11

Hehe I know most of you probably think subways are boring- but I come from a little town with no subway at all, so I love traveling by subway... It's super comfortable and fast as well! These ones were taken on my way from Myeongdong to Yoido :)

See the black board with text "KISSA" in it? Kissa means a cat in Finnish, and exactly when I saw that board, I also saw a cat!! What a coincidence... This was taken somewhere between Myeongdong and N Seoul tower. I didn't go there though, because the place was so full of people and I has just a little time :(

And this one was taken when I was walking back from Mt Namsan, where the N Seoul Tower is located. Can you see that house on the right? When I saw it, I thoght "That's a dream house!"... I have no idea why I thought so, but somehow, that little house is really cute!

My way to celebrate New Year... Before going to Bosingak!:)

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