Friday, April 27, 2012

Korean folk village, Yongin

The last full day in South Korea: I went to a folk village and the Everland amusement park with my pen pal of many years and her family! But before going, I had to eat breakfast of course. The great thing about my hotel was that it was exactly in the centre of Myeongdong shopping area- and there was a 7-Eleven and many other shops just outside the building... So I could just go and buy my breakfast really easily. And the food was much cheaper than in Finland...

Anyway, after breakfast I went to Sunae station by metro- I knew the way already because I had been there before. I think I went to Sunae at least 3 times during my trip, so I think I could go the same way with my eyes closed :p

Then we went to Yongin by car, and visited a Korean folk village. You can see their website here. Of course it was a little cold there, since it was winter... But we drank some hot chocolate and ate noodles to warm ourselves up :) There was so much to see, and we didn't have time to visit all the places because we wanted to spend a good deal of time in Everland as well!

So, the next travel post will probably be about Everland ;)


  1. Traveling is so great! I would love to go to Asia someday!

    You forgot to talk about your health program! How is it going?
    I'm alone next week as my parents are on holidays, I will cook all week, it's going to be healthy cooking for sure!

  2. Asia is awesome! I recommend:)

    That's because I haven't improved much.. I had two tests today, so I've taken a break of some days :p I'll get back to the health posts tomorrow because I'll have time to do some sports since it's a free day :)
    Remember to take pics of the foods you made then! I'm looking forward to see all those healthy foods :p