Monday, April 23, 2012

Earrings, too big earrings...

Ordered from ebay, the brand is Forever21 and the price was about 10€. But the earrings are way too big, I feel that I'll get huuuuge elephant ears if I wear them for too long time :s

Health update:
Yesterday I took a walk for about an hour because the weather was really nice... It seems that spring is finally coming to oulu :)
Today I went to gym again, but only for an hour. 30min indoor cycling, 20min muscle training and 10min flexing, so the exercise wasn't too hard, just a normal workout. Sadly the next days will probably be busy, so maybe I won't have time to exercise :(


  1. They're so pretty though! ^3^
    Haha~ Feel so envious of all your exercise.
    I'm so lazy! >U<

    1. Thank yoooou:)!
      Hahahaha I have my lazy days as well... But spring is coming, so I'm motivated :D

  2. I also have the big earrings, but haven't used yet...
    because my ears might fall off! lol

    1. I feel exactly the same!!! Such terrible feeling :s