Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new gym bag

Got it yesterday! This bag really came in need, because I have to carry so much stuff every day... Normally I have 2 bags when I go to school, because I have all the school stuff, flea market stuff and gym stuff there in the bags :s But from now on, I'll (hopefully) need just one bag :)


  1. Really nice!I like it! I think I'm gonna need one too (here we go again... a Kata post that makes Jeremy impressionable...).
    These healthy days are pretty tiring! Running in the morning every two days before school, cycling, go to the gym... eat healthy! Well... I have to admit I kinda like it after all... And you? Are you doing good?

  2. Hahaha yup!! Don't buy a pink one though!
    I feel pretty much the same... It's a little tiring sometimes. But the results are good so far, so I have the motivation to stick to the healthier lifestyle :)