Thursday, April 12, 2012

Media check--- What caught my attention this week

No photos today- I didn't feel like taking photos today. Wondering why? Because I've had a terrible headache for a few days... I decided to skip school and try to get rid of the headache, and it's not as bad as before :) Hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow, since I'll go to the cinema with some classmates - We'll watch The Hunger Games. I'm not that keen on seeing that movie, but everybody else seems to like it so why not, maybe it's a good one!

Apart from sleeping, actually a lot of sleeping, I've been reading all kinds of stuff from the internet today. There were some cool things, and I decided to share them with you guys. + I added some new Finnish music so that this won't be a post full of text.

Maybe some people remember the Google logo I wrote about a while ago- the one with marimekko pattern. This time their logo was about Elias Lönnrot! You can see the logo here.

That beach seems AWESOME!!!! I'd love to go there... But the ticket prices are ridiculous- about 1600€ :O

If you like motor sport, check these pics of Kimi Räikkonen at an airport in China! He seems pretty serious- no wonder why he's called Iceman by some fans. He has his humorous side as well, just google "Kimi Räikkönen quotes" :p

As many of you know, circle lenses have became popular also outside Asia in the past years. I have no problems with my eyes, so I have never been very interested in those things. Today, however, something caught my attention- the side effects of wearing those lenses. There should be no problem with brand lens sold in Asia, like GEO. But I have heard of those companies whose lens are really bad, or fake versions of real brand lens... Check this and this to see what I'm talking about.

This one is for Finns only: EstonianAir is having big sales, all flights ONLY 99€!!!!! Get your tickets 9.4-15.4.2012 to enjoy the low prices :) There are lots of European destinations available- like Amsterdam, Brussels, St. Petersburg, London and Oslo.

Usually, I don't like Finnish female singers very much, but Emma Salokoski's voice is just beautiful! Don't you agree?

And some BBC stuff:

Have a nice day everybody!:)


  1. emma salokoski's voice is beauuut, thanks for posting it! x

  2. No prob, glad you liked it:)!