Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The past few weeks

School stuff. I had to collect articles considering the situation of the European Union, and write my own opinions about it. Easy, but a lot of work...

A birthday present for my classmate- I think I told about the party earlier so I don't bother writing all the stuff again.

And some books I read lately. Paulo Coelho's writing style is very beautiful, and the book was very quick to read. The book about the Caribbean was filled with nice photos- I had to borrow it because the winter (which is supposed to be spring) made me miss the summer.

PS. Sorry for writing 99,9% nonsense! I made this post because I want to try the "schedule the post" -option.. Let's see if it works :)


  1. Paulo Coelho does have such a beautiful writing style! ^^
    I have assignments to do also, but I haven't had time due to being so busy these holidays so far! -.-
    But I'm getting there! ^^

  2. I agree! The writing style was really beautiful! So many describing words.
    Oh I see.. Good luck to you!!!:)