Monday, February 20, 2012


TIME LIMIT: 9 minutes
GOAL: Write an entry of what you have done in the past 4 days

THURSDAY 16/2/12
-Penkkarit at my school. I'm not a senior yet so I just watched them
- Sold some old clothes at the flea market
- Saw a concert called East is red (for school... tickets only 3€)

FRIDAY 17/2/12
- The prom at school. I'll be there next year as well, waaaaay too excited;)!
- Homework, loooots of homework
- Went to a Chinese restaurant with my dad
- My friend came to my house from Helsinki
-Cleaned my room

SATURDAY 18/2/12
- ^ Made that hotdog to my friend
- More pizza...
- Hanged out with my junior high friends
- Went to the cinema to see Mission Impossible (there was a Finnish actor acting in it!! AWESOMENESS!!)

SUNDAY 19/2/12
- Hanging out with friends and saying byes because the one from Helsinki went back home
- FINALLY got a new cellphone!! I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE IT♥ And Angry Birds!!!
- No pizza this day ;) I started a new, healthy lifestyle...

MONDAY 20/2/12
- Got up at 3am... ---> Homework! Why didn't I finish them earlier???

Phew, that was a busy week indeed... And this will be almost as busy I guess. Last week was fun, this week is more serious because of all the school thing. Anyway, I'm off to school now, byes:)!


  1. Moooooomin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
    I really love them....<3<3<3<3<3

    you must cut corners on making the hot dogs right? :D
    Compared to the dishes posted here, they look a bit... a bit...
    I can't hit on words...:p

    New mobile phone!!! The Smart phone!!!!
    I really want it too... These days more and more friends
    have got smart phones and they enjoy them.I am dreaming of getting it....

  2. Yuna: Yup!! Really busy! But it's worth it:)

    Sinley: Me too! They're sooooo cute♥
    Haha I know!! Luckily I'm back to the healthy eating habits again ^^'