Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still alive!

Only one exam left, so happy! Sorry for that I haven't been able to update my blog for a while, I bet you'll understand when you see my daily schedule of the week:
3.00-6.00 waking up
Studying till 9.30
9.30-13.00 exam
13.00 - 22.00 studying
Luckily those days are over now, and I can focus on something else for a while! I miss taking photos, doing sports, reading non school related books, going out with friends and having free time :)
Too bad school never ends, and yesterday I went to buy new books again... Chemistry, physics, maths, history, social sciences, biology and music for two months, sounds kinda nice doesn't it? This period I'll have "only" 7 courses, so I don't have as much school as I have been used to!

The weather has been really beautiful but way too cold! -30 days are here again... I heard that somewhere in Finland it's been even -40!!!!! Crazy isn't it?

Oh I almost forgot! I went to see the movie Hulluna Saraan (its English name is Love and other troubles) yesterday. It's absolutely the best Finnish movie I've seen so far, and it's not far from my all-time favorite movie either. My expectations weren't too high, so the movie really surprised me! A part of it is spoken in English because of the actress Emilie de Ravin who acts as one of the main characters, Sara. I think the trailer isn't very good, but the movie was REALLY funny. Finnish movies are often really depressing, but I've never laughed so much while watching a movie before.


  1. Good to read that your exams are almost over! Hope everything worked fine!
    -30°C ! OMG, must be hard to be outside! I saw a man on his bike yesterday with open-sandals... It was -15°C... Some people are crazy! Hopefully he had a big jacket!

  2. Hahahaha the same happens here as well! One of my classmates still goes to school wearing just a t-shirt and jeans even on those -30C days.....