Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day♥

Got a gift from a Dutch friend today♥ Thanks!
Otherwise the day was quite normal, but I got less homework than normally so I have more free time. I need to tidy my room though, because a former classmate of mine will come from Helsinki to stay here for the whole weekend :)

This is the reason why I'm so tired today. I stayed up till 2am reading, slept 4 hours and went to school... I got hooked on it so I wasn't able to stop reading!! The name of the book is Girl in translation in English. I really liked the beginning, but around the halfway the story started to change too fast. It would have been better if it had more pages I guess. A beautiful story anyway, I recommend :) And now I'm back to the travel books again! Which reminds me of that I really need to fill the summerjob application this week. So much to do again...

Isn't it cute? I'm afraid I will never be able to actually use the notebook because I don't want to spoil such cuteness with my horrible handwriting ;)

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