Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hyvin laiska sunnuntai♥

vitaminwater has FINALLY arrived to my local supermarket♥♥♥
I'm supposed to save money now, but how could I? I believe they will stop selling vitaminwater if I stop buying it :p

I almost applied for the coolest summerjob ever. The deadline is tomorrow, and cvs and everything should be in Swedish... I don't have time to translate them, so I had to give up.Too bad, I would have loved that job. Anyway, my second option is good as well, maybe even better. More about that later ;)

And because today is a Lazy Sunday, I decided to dye my hair. I bought this hair dye like 6 months ago, because it was on sale... Okay, I bought three of them. It doesn't change my haircolor much, but it's good for making light root growth less visible.

I'm off to study for a Finnish exam now, byes :)


  1. You`re looking so SWEET my dear ^_^
    I missed you!

  2. Hiiii! How are you??? Hope everything's fine :D

    You really love to change your hair colour, don't you?
    I remember I saw many posts about hair colour before :p
    New colour goes with you much, it's lovely :D

    And about VitB...make sure you take it with something to eat!
    To absorb VitB,secretion from stomach is needed :p

  3. Thanks Yuna!! Even if I've been busy, I have tried to look at your blog regularly:) Keep up the good work!

    Sinley, heeey:) I'm doing good now because the exams are finally over! And you? Don't get too stressed out because of studying ^^

    I don't love to change it, but I can't live with my natural hair color because it's too terrible :p That's the reason why I need to dye so often!

    Thanks Ms. Doctor! I promise to eat something while drinking it :D