Monday, January 2, 2012

Seoul Green Residence

I had a mini room, but the size was perfect for me! The hotel's location was really good, because it was just 17 floors above a busy shopping street (in Myeong-dong). It took about 5 minutes to walk to the metro station (Euljiro1-ga).

Overall I liked staying there, and the price was really low.
+ the floor was heated♥♥
I recommend this hotel to people who want easy access to shopping (LOTTE dept. store, Noon Square, Myeong-dong underground arcade etc.)
I don't recommend this to light sleepers though, because it was quite noisy from time to time.

What should I do today... I think I have a fever but I don't feel as terrible as yesterday. Maybe I should go and find a pharmacy? Many of them are closed because of the New Year, though.


  1. oh, I love this post!
    I can get homesick ^_*
    thanks for the pics!

  2. don't get too homesick^^ but thanks!

  3. hi!, i'm going to seoul next month and i'm thinking to book here
    and i wanted to ask you about the meals, they only give you the breakfast right? but it's possible cook yourself as well, right??

  4. hey!! nice to hear that you're going to seoul, have fun there :)
    yes, they provide the guests with breakfast only (white bread, eggs, jam, coffee, tea i think), but there's a possibility to cook yourself, too. They had the basic stuff like oven and such. But there's a 7-eleven just next to the hotel building & cheap restaurants nearby also :D