Friday, January 13, 2012

Resolution check 1/13

A jewellery box from a Korean friend of mine! Beautiful isn't it? I love the colors and the shine:)
Oh well, that isn't the point of today's post actually. It's been almost two weeks since 2012 begun, so I want to see how many of my resolutions have come true already!! In case you can't remember, here's the post I'm referring to.
And here are the things that have come true already:
1. Don't worry
I haven't been worried enough lately!!! I'm worried about that....;)
9. See a sunset
Seen many of them already! A few really beautiful ones as well.
14. Go to amusement park
I've gone to an amusement park twice this year already...... Everland & Joypolis!
16. Eat something new
So many new foods! Foods abroad & cake made by my grandma. It was good, but I forgot to take a picture.
20. Talk to a stranger
During these 13 days I've talked to many strangers, including a homeless man, Swiss&French travelers and a businessman looking for taxi so that he didn't have to walk 1km...
34. Buy new shoes before Jan 10th
Bought 3 pairs of shoes actually. Well, I extended my promise: I won't go shopping for a year!! Sounds terrible doesn't it?
38. Buy a new cross
I bought a simple one. I lost my previous one at Helsinki-Vantaa before going to Asia :( It was so beautiful, and now there's only the chain left.
46. Grow your nails
 They're not long yet, but longer. I even put some nail polish on them, how unusual...

8/50 DONE!
Not bad, huh? Maybe my resolutions were too easy...


  1. Hi Kata,
    I love love your blog, so I promoted that on my blog! For that I used a photo from your blog, I hope this is ok for you. If not, please give me a short response and I will delete it from my blog.
    lovely greetings

  2. wow, thank you so much! i really appreciate that:)