Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The flight from Paris to Helsinki was my first flight using Finnair, which is a Finnish airline in case you didn't know. I used to have a strong opinion about Finnair before (I thought it was expensive and not that good), but I had to change my mind.

♥ Stylish
♥ Friendly flight attendants
♥ The food was good
♥ Direct flights from Finland to Asia (cheapest prices to Seoul and Tokyo are 599€ from Helsinki-Vantaa airport)
♥ It's a Finnish company ;)
                                              ♥ A member of the Oneworld airline alliance
♥ Some planes are able to fly higher than regular planes in Europe ---> you can see lots of other planes, and traveling is more comfortable because the plane can avoid turbulence better
• A bit more expensive than KLM for example
• I don't like the flight attendants' new uniforms
• I wish the main hub would be in Oulu instead of Helsinki ;)

Overall, Finnair was a positive surprise for me. I recommend!

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